Baby Annabel

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this precious little baby girl, Annabel. Annabel came in for her newborn photos at 9 days old. After a bit of comforting from her loving mother she managed to sleep like a baby! As I tell all clients every baby is different and Annabel was no exception. Annabel preferred to be swaddled for most of her session which made for beautiful photos and we got to include some digital backdrops in her gallery for her mum and dad. When I photograph newborn babies I always like to follow their cues and listen to what makes them comfortable. Some prefer to lie on their backs, some on their tummies and some do not want to be swaddled at all – which doesn’t happen very often but occasionally we get a few that love having their arms and legs free (usually the older ones!).

Here are some of Annabel’s photos from her session…


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