Boudoir Session

Check out this stunning mum who recently had a Boudoir Session with us! Showing off all her hard work in 2018 – Talk about inspirational. I first met this beautiful lady a little over 12 months ago when she had her second child when she came into the studio to have newborn portraits done, and then again 7 months after for portraits of both of her adorable children. A few months later she contacted me again inquiring about a boudoir session as she had started a fitness group working out 3-4 times a week and wanted to do something special to celebrate finding herself again. With all that hard work she had put into herself, I was more than happy to oblige and help her celebrate and help her find confidence in herself that she deserves. Being a mother is tough sometimes and to take time out and enjoy things that make you happy and help find yourself is such a wonderful thing. Personally for me I still find so much joy every time I pick up my camera!

I asked this gorgeous lady to write a little bit about herself and why she started this weight loss journey…


I’m a mama to a 3 year old and a 1 year old and I had completely lost myself.. I was just “mummy” when my youngest turned 3 months old I realized I wasn’t dressing in “my style” because I was too big to shop where I use to shop.. I didn’t feel good about myself at all.. and everyone I talked to kept saying I was being silly I had only just had a baby or what really annoyed me was “you’re a mum now you have mum bod” ….. What is mum bod? And why are all these mums settling and okay with being 10-20kg bigger then what they were before children..
So I made a change to prove it can be done.
I have lost 24kg in 10 months with exercise and healthy eating and I feel amazing mentally and physically 🙂
I felt great in front of the camera Jess boosted my confidence whenever I was not sure on a pose and made me feel very comfortable, but the best feeling was opening up the email to see all these photos of myself and really seeing all the hard work has payed off.
If you are a mum, just not happy with how you look and have lost yourself then get up and make that change!!



This session was a lot of fun, something that I haven’t done for few years so it was nice to jump back on board with boudoir portraits! Hopefully this story inspires others, myself included!


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