Introducing beautiful Oliver!

Introducing beautiful Oliver!

This sweet pea came in for his newborn photo shoot at just 7 days old and he was just a star! Mum was not fussed with colours or theme so we kept it simple and neutral for most of the session apart from the use of some digital backdrops. I have to say how much I am a fan of digital backdrops. Digital backdrops help reduce the amount of times  your baby is moved during the session and also opens up for such a wide range of options and themes but most importantly it helps keep your baby safe and that is the number one reason why I love using them so much.

So I had found this beautiful digital backdrop from Luisa Dunn Photography that had a mix of buttons and waves which was such a perfect mix of mum and dad for this session as mum is a lover of all things buttons and dad used to spend months away at sea!

During the session we also had one special request – photos with dads Gibson guitar. How special it was to capture dads two loves together. I love it when parents bring in special items to capture with their little ones, and to have these memories captured like this just makes my day.

Oliver’s photos are filled with lots of sleepy poses and lots of baby rolls – just how we like to remember them when they are this little.

If you are expecting a baby and would like to know more about my sessions please contact me I would love to tell you more!



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